#BeAProblemSolver with Tinker Coders this Children’s Day

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#BeAProblemSolver with Tinker Coders this Children’s Day
#BeAProblemSolver with Tinker Coders this Children’s Day

New Delhi : This Children’s day, Tinker Coders, one of India’s leading online coding platform, has launched #Beaproblemsolver campaign, a challenge for K-12 students to identify a solution to the problems that are prevailing in the society, such as Rising Air Pollution across the country, during COVID-19. The initiative is designed to push tinkerers to find creative ways to solve sustainable development problems using their coding skills. The students can develop Mobile Applications, 3D Designs or make use of online circuits to demonstrate the ideas using Scratch software or MIT App Inventor. 

In order to empower children, the campaign wants to convey a message to all young coders & parents to learn through Coding and to improvise the concept that Coding is not only meant for Engineers or technical work. It can also solve real-life based problems if used appropriately. The initiative is completely driven to bring out both innovative and empathetic sides of young coders while giving them a chance to think or be like Entrepreneurs.

This campaign's objective is to enable kids to think out of the box and develop solutions for environmental issues that they see in their society. These resolutions may hold the potential to cure or curb many relatable ecological issues that are rising at an exponential pace and need immediate attention. Using Coding skills, the students can develop problem-solving Applications around Increasing Air pollution, Trees Depletion, Prevention of Marine Life, to name a few.

Till now, the campaign has managed to gain more than 10,000 entries and the deadline for submitting the innovations is 14th November 2020. To help students clear all their doubts, Tinker Coders has also organised a live session on Facebook.

Anoop Gautam, CEO and Co-founder of Tinker Coders, said: “#BeAProblemSolver campaign is conceptualised to make children aware of our environment’s alarming situations and also to acknowledge that Coding turns early age children into KidsPreneur as they provide a one-stop solution for different kinds of problems surrounding us.”

He further adds, “The goal of Tinker Coders is to solve real-world problems by Coding. In view of the difficulties faced during COVID-19, any issue must be overcome calmly and stress-free.”

Anurag Gupta, Co-Founder of Tinker Coders, said: “For the coders of tomorrow, for the saviours of our environment and for the young hearts who are willing to learn, apply and bring about a change in the society, we hope that #BeAProblemSolver Campaign would empower not just specific segments of society but the whole community.”

The contest runs across Tinker Coders’ Facebook, Instagram and twitter channels. 

Links to the campaign: (FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM)

Recently, Tinker Coders has witnessed a 200% demand in AI, Python and Coding courses on their platform from the age groups between 6 to 18. The company kick-started with around 1000 subscriptions in the month of April and covered over 2,50,000 subscribers till now across countries like US, UK, UAE, India, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and Japan.

About Tinker Coders:

Tinker Coders, an EdTech company, established during the pandemic in March 2020. The company is an online learning platform for students, focuses on teaching online Coding courses to K-12 students. It offers 21st-century students the opportunity to explore, experience and bring innovation in STEM education, robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Within 7 months, the company has crossed more than 250,000 subscribers. Their services extend to more than 40+ countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and Japan. Tinker Coders has developed a network of more than 500+ educators who invest in enhancing children's success in core academic subjects via coding and experiential learning. Additionally, the company widens its education services to teachers as well. Tinker Coders is also seeing massive increase in profitability, even in times of COVID crisis.