Infosys condemns "mischievous insinuations" against co-founders, former colleagues

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Infosys condemns "mischievous insinuations" against co-founders, former colleagues
Infosys condemns "mischievous insinuations" against co-founders, former colleagues

New Delhi : Infosys on Wednesday condemned "mischievous insinuations" made against the co-founders and former colleagues by an anonymous source.

"Infosys strongly condemns the mischievous insinuations made by anonymous sources against the cofounders and former colleagues, suggesting their involvement in the recent whistleblower allegations," Infosys said in a statement.

The official statement has been released by the Infosys after it found no evidence to support the allegations made in the whistleblower letter from last month.

A letter, believed to be written by an employee of the company, alleged chief executive Salil Parekh instigated them and others to bypass approvals for large deals, fearing a negative impact on shares from reduced profit.

"These speculations are appalling and seem to be aimed at tarnishing the image of some of the most accomplished and respected individuals. I have deep regard for the life-long contribution of all our cofounders. They have built this institution and have served this company selflessly and even today, remain committed to the long-term success of Infosys," Nandan Nilekani, Chairman, Infosys said in the statement.

"As we have previously stated, the Audit Committee has appointed an external law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations made in the complaints. We will share the outcome of the investigation at the relevant time with all stakeholders," Infosys' statement added.

Infosys had registered a sharp decline of 17%, their biggest, on a single day.

On Wednesday (November 6), Infosys shares traded 1.5 per cent higher at Rs. 706.50.