Jeff Bezos hands over Amazon to his trusted deputy Andy Jassy

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Amazon (Image: Pixabay)
Amazon (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Jeff Bezos has handed over his post of CEO to his trusted deputy Andy Jassy, who will now handle the bar from July 5 onwards.

Like Bezos, he also believes in customer first, move fast ideology. But, he is not a clone of Mr Bezos. He gels among the employees easily and is known to have long engagement with society outside Amazon's walls, as he showed by declaring unequivocally that Black lives matter.

Meanwhile, Bezos is not completely leaving the company, he will remain executive chairman of Amazon's board and plans to stay involved with the company's new projects.

It falls to Jassy to continue Amazon's track record of invention, which extends from cloud-computing and smart speakers to the heavily automated warehouses that enable one-day shipping.

It is yet not clear if Jassy will do anything different while being on the CEO post. 

Interviews with current and former colleagues, partners and competitors suggest he'll be as hard-charging as Bezos when pursuing new opportunities. "He will be just as ambitious and bold as Jeff has been, if not more so," said Jennifer Cast, who hired Jassy at Amazon in 1997.