Mrinal Parasar states that the concept of SEO has transformed over the years.

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Mrinal Parasar states that the concept of SEO has transformed over the years.
Mrinal Parasar states that the concept of SEO has transformed over the years.

New Delhi : This youngster has aced the game of SEO and online reputation management, which has upped his game as a digitalpreneur.

A few years ago, many experts had hinted about the enormous rise of industries and fields due to technological advances. They had predicted that many industries would depend on the digital world to survive and thrive. No one knew then that this someday would indeed become a reality, which all of us are living today. Blame it on the pandemic, or any other thing, the digital space and of course the social media platforms are the need of the hour and something that almost all professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands across the world depend on to their take their growth to the next level and reach more target audience. Believing in the power of digital is yet another professional in the field named Mrinal Parasar, who over the years has risen as an SEO expert and online reputation manager.

Today, he has come forward to speak on how he thinks the concept of SEO has changed by far. He says that due to the constant change in Google’s algorithm, search engine optimization (SEO) has constantly been in flux. Going more deeper into the topic, the Muzaffarpur, Bihar youngster, currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University, says that initially, webmasters would only stuff their website pages with tons of keywords for getting higher ranks on search results; however, today, with the changes in Google’s algorithm all those websites that early on employed the black hat SEO tactics saw their ranking drop on Google. Hence, now they have focused on employing proper and natural keyword placement in their content.

Mrinal Parasar explains that a few years ago, people focused on only filling the website with more and more content, not paying attention to the quality of the content. Things have changed now for the better, as Google prioritizes content that is well-written and is informative. So, for getting higher ranks on Google, SEOs focus on writing high-quality content, naturally incorporating keywords.

He believes all these changes that have been happening over the years have changed the game of digital for the better and will continue to do so even in the coming years. Mrinal Parasar aims to hone his craft as a digitalpreneur and walk-in sync with these changes every day to serve all his clients better.

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