Nanokingg presents anti-corona coating that lasts for 90 days

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Nanokingg presents anti-corona coating that lasts for 90 days
Nanokingg presents anti-corona coating that lasts for 90 days

New Delhi : In the present time, none of us would reconsider before purchasing sanitizers or getting your home or office disinfected and no wonder if that harms our pocket. 

Nanokingg, an inventive organization established in 2019, is absolutely significant in the present time. Nanokingg applies a Nano shield on surface things so as to protect those items and shield them from any sort of bacteria. These coatings take a shot at any sort of surface be it calfskin, wood, marble, glass, or anything that you can think of. 

They have recently launched an ‘Anti-Corona Coating’ which is a Multi-surface self-sanitizing Nano Coating i.e certified three months of protection against Microbial Attacks.

This effective self-sanitizing nano-coatings works by the mechanism of contact killing and remains active on the surface for at least 90 days. The active ingredient in the product is the combination of metal nanoparticles and on-migratory cationic disinfectants which is extremely effective in killing the bacteria and virus 99.99%.

"Nanokingg intends to give you an encompassing that is totally safe for you and your family. Nano shields take a shot at all surfaces as well as save you in a secured domain for 90 days. To counsel about Nano Coatings and offer proficient coating assistance to a wide range of customers is our priority. Nano Coatings can be applied in Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Homes, Clothes, Shoes, Glass, Bathroom, Furniture, Kitchen, Solar Panels, Graffiti, Wood, Leather, Suede and many more. These Hydrophobic Coatings will save guard from Water, Oil, UV Rays, and increase the life of the product,” says Ranpreet Singh, owner of Nanokingg.

Nano King considers clients' health as a top priority. Introducing Revolutionary service to keep you and your family guarded against COVID-19.

It lets you treat your valuables with their Anti-Corona coating which is self-sanitizing and kills all kinds of bacterial & viral infections for up to 90 days.