Richard Matthew's hot new business venture

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Richard Matthew's hot new business venture
Richard Matthew's hot new business venture

New Delhi : Dangling between a lot of trades takes much more than money. It takes focus and clarity of thoughts. Two things that have been the cornerstone of Richard Matthew's success. Born on 23rd August 1987, Richard was sent to a boarding school where he completed his schooling. During his days as a student, he never thought that one day he would be venturing into different businesses in a very short period. 

Very early in his life, he got the experience of spending some quality time in the United States of America. 12 years of boarding school and then his time in the US helped him understand people and gain valuable business sense. 

At just 26 years of age, he set up his travel agency business. A young gun like Richard Matthew tackled the challenges and made the business a success in no time. He was providing his services to not only individuals but also corporates. Holiday tours, offshore business meetings, and the works. Richard and his travel agency were one of the favourites. After a few years, in 2017 it was time for another venture for Richard Matthew. This time it was the real estate sector that caught his eyes. This too, like the earlier business sold like hotcakes. Success at his feet again and another feather in his cap. Richard Matthew’s story was that of an entrepreneur who seemed to have cracked the code for making profits in any business. 

Then came another chapter in his life. Richard’s interest was piqued in the manufacturing sector. The product he picked was Polycarbonate clear glass. With consistent efforts and working along with a team of experts, Richard has successfully created a mask made out of Polycarbonate clear glass. To start with, it is fireproof, it is unbreakable, and gives a crystal clear vision. Imagine the varied applications that such a product can have. It comes with a detachable nozzle which comes in really handy for people who wear spectacles. The mask is expected to find its usage in industries like the automobile industry where dust going into the eye has been a consistent problem. This product from Richard’s latest venture will definitely help solve this problem. Another industry that can be considered as a consumer for such a product is the hospitality industry. Chefs in the hotel kitchen will happily use the mask to avoid irritation in the eye caused by the constant fumes of burning spices around them. With this mask, Richard Matthew has hit another home run.