"There has to be a stark balance between personal and professional life!",says Nicole Martinez, CEO of Brandifi

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Nicole Martinez ( founder of Brandifi)
Nicole Martinez ( founder of Brandifi)

New Delhi : Nicole Martinez founded Brandifi with the vision to be a broadband service provider that targets consumer markets and helps them develop an identity that distinguishes them from the overall marketplace. Brandifi deals in logo, web, package designing. Nicole is also engaged in actively coaching others through her firm. She believes in the power of sharing and passing on. She is a firm advocate of women empowerment. 

Talking about her personal life and the effects of her tedious work on it, Nicole says, "I feel it has affected my personal life in a sense that I invested myself in working so much and not balancing my personal and I feel like some of this possibly led to strains in my personal life. This has taught me about balance and self-care. It is an interesting road and I learned the focus also needs to be around me." 

She adds that although the past was a lesson, her present moments are fueled with motivation and residence. She says that her son really motivates and drives her. Nicole chuckles, "He is the engine to keep me running!"

Nicole feels that minority women do not really find technical jobs and it is important to find diversity. She adds, "This is also one reason for me to provide coaching and motivates me to keep providing jobs in my area."

Further on, Nicole talks about constantly keeping her creative spirit alive. Her work demands a lot of new ideas at all times. She says that she usually brainstorms and ideas come through random inspirations.  

Lastly, talking about her greatest fear, Nicole reveals, "My greatest fear to be quite transparent is to be completely broke! It is a scary feeling but the only way I can manage it is by working hard.  We do not know what the future holds but the only thing for certain is that we need to be consistent and keep working hard."