Watch: How Apple ‘Spaceship’ campus looks during coronavirus outbreak

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Watch: How Apple ‘Spaceship’ campus looks during coronavirus outbreak
Watch: How Apple ‘Spaceship’ campus looks during coronavirus outbreak

California : Ever since the situation slipped from hands over the coronavirus outbreak, Apple has asked its employees to work from home so that they have less or no chance of getting infected to the virus. Due to this, there is barely any employee who can be spotted in the campus.

Showcasing the deserted 'Spaceship' office campus, a video has been uploaded on YouTube by a YouTuber named Duncan Sinfield. The video has been shot by a drone, giving us a birds-eye view of the whole campus.

In the 3 minutes and 24 seconds long video, there is hardly any employee who can be seen walking or standing in the Apple campus. Even the roads outside hardly have any vehicles. “Apple Park in Cupertino is in the heart of Santa Clara County, the Northern California epicenter for coronavirus outbreak. The Apple Park campus, including the Visitor’s Center, is closed.,” states the description of the YouTube video.  

Meanwhile, it must be noted that a majority of employees are working from home these days, there is a section of employees with essential roles who are working in the campus. 

On the brighter side, the company seems to be getting a grip on its supply chains as it has removed the ‘two iPhone per person’ limit when purchasing online. As reported by Reuters, the drop-down menus in online stores for the United States, Hong Kong, mainland China and some other regions now allow customers to buy more than 10 devices at one go. However, some purchasing limitations for iPad and Macbook models still remain.

Earlier this month, the iPhone maker shut all its brick-and-mortar stores outside China as a part of lockdowns and limiting the public movement in order to curb the coronavirus spread. However, all of them were reopened by March 13.