Economy Down: Blame the Government or appreciate the effort?

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Economy Down: Blame the Government or appreciate the effort?
Economy Down: Blame the Government or appreciate the effort?

New Delhi : It is no hidden secret that the Indian economy is passing through one of the rough patches with recent figures revealing that it grew at a scary 5% growth only, considering there is no global crisis situation at the moment.

There are various genius minds which have been stretching their thoughts to find out the real reasons behind such unintended 'economic slowdown'. There are a few who are also blaming the political decisions taken by the current government like introduction of GST and other factors. 

In this article, we will not discuss the outcome and will also not look forward to find the answer of question – who is the culprit? But, what we will discuss is, should we focus on how to revive the economy? Or just blame or appreciate the policies which led to this crisis situation in India.

By raising this question, I do not intend to give any leverage to any person or political party; but I look forward to see India shining again like the bird of gold.

Yes, the current ruling government took some bold steps which did not end as they were intended; and as a result we are now struggling to find a solution on how we can bring up the golden period back.

Meanwhile, we are also trying to find how worthy it is to actually tag the culprit behind such situation which is obviously a never-ending debate, only adding fuel to the rage and some mileage to some people or communities.

When PM Narendra Modi took over in 2014, he had a mountain of responsibilities to prove all the sayings he quoted during his political speeches. So, he took some bold steps like demonetization, implementation of GST, Tripal Talaq Bill and many more. However, the migration to new India felt a little harsh, but people remained positive and gave him the power for one more time in 2019.

The results may not have been in sync with the actual expectations but how worthy it is to blame the government as it is for sure that they tried hard. And they say, what matters is that you must try, getting failed and getting pass is a part of it.

This statement may give provide a momentary peace but the fact remains that we are under a situation that must be revived before it gets worse and many people face the heat from it.