First HelpCare expands its footprint throughout India

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New Delhi : Money is a significant factor in life. To be precise, love does not pay the bills. It is the work you do that generates revenue. Financial viability is critical when embarking on any enterprise or campaign. Whether it's to start a business or to raise cash for a good cause, money plays a critical role in everyone's life. To raise money for personal expenses, professional expenses, or social initiatives, fundraising platforms play a critical role in generating a large sum of money. First HelpCare is one such crowdfunding site that has facilitated the collection of significant sums of money from the public. 

Apart from assisting companies in starting a business, the site has previously organised fundraisers for child education, medical campaigns, and a variety of other organization-related causes. The fundraising site has stepped in to assist individuals who have run out of money on many occasions. Much prior to the COVID-19 crisis, and even during the continuing epidemic, First HelpCare played a critical role in securing funding for several categories. 

Thousands of individuals have benefited from this internet fundraising tool, which has raised millions of dollars both within India and outside borders. This non-profit crowdfunding platform has drawn investors from a variety of backgrounds. This is one of the primary reasons why First HelpCare is India's #1 fundraising platform. First HelpCare has worked tirelessly to gather cash for impoverished people throughout the coronavirus epidemic, having received a significant amount of money from investors and financial organisations. Apart from arranging for the oxygen beds, the internet platform has aided low-wage workers who have been laid off during this trying time. 

Originating in Ranchi, the platform has now expanded its activities throughout India. Afzal Anis, the portal's founder, offered his perspective on how the portal reaches out to the widest possible audience across India. “Our fundraisers are organised into distinct categories,” he explained. The first is for community or social initiatives, with the majority of funds going to charity. The second is for creative artists and businesses seeking financial assistance to launch a venture or meet other commercial needs, while the third is for development reasons such as education, health, and infrastructure.” Supporting causes and criteria following comprehensive background checks, First HelpCare assists in generating cash on a timely basis. To learn more, please visit the company's official website at