Vending Machine: 6 Things to Look Out For in 2023

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Vending Machine: 6 Things to Look Out For in 2023 (Image: Pixabay)
Vending Machine: 6 Things to Look Out For in 2023 (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : The past decade has witnessed massive changes in equipment and machinery technology. At some point, it was impossible to believe that vending machines would also feature in these new trends. With smart technology on the rise and business needs changing daily, establishments can forgo old vending machines that break down more than they operate. Newer vending machines are embracing diversity by offering more than one beverage option.

They are also manageable through mobile applications and programmable solutions for efficient services. The vending machine industry always presents new trends that manufacturers leverage to gain a competitive edge. 

Here are six top trends in vending machines that businesses should expect in 2023:

Vending Machine Trends

The global vending machine market is growing. This year has seen positive changes in all types of machines. New trends like cloud solutions and large-screen displays play a huge role in marketing vending products. Some of these trends have existed for more than three years, only that they keep improving yearly. Analysing the trends influencing the industry allows the anticipation of trends that will rule 2023.

6 Top Trends to Watch Out for in 2023:

1. Cashless Payments

Most vending machines today focus on digital instructions to offer more convenience to clients. Traditional vending machines accepted coins and bills, which were found inconvenient by some people. Today, people can take coffee or tea with a swipe of a card or make a mobile payment, and the machine will process the order.

Cashless payments have also improved equipment hygiene, reducing exposure to germs and other bacteria. Cashless payments are the standard in vending machines since most industries use convenient payment methods.

2. Multi-Function Operations

Vending machine manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of their products. They are building vending machines that support multiple functions from one interface.

These machines can manage payments, check maintenance and indicate the number of cups dispensed. In addition, artificial Intelligence assists tea coffee vending machines in making wise inventory decisions, eliminating the need for standby operators in an establishment. This feature lowers expenses while minimising waste.

3. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Every year millions of tons of waste are generated yearly around the world. Unfortunately, only a small amount of this waste gets recycled. To put an end to this, enterprises and manufacturers must act. Vending machine companies are making waste manageable by preserving water and milk used to make beverages.

The sensors can maintain the internal conditions to keep the milk fresh for the day. The smart inventory allows operators to add a specific amount of liquids to manage daily usage without waste. Some also have recycling abilities to keep users healthy and protect the planet.

4. Interactive Smart Vending Machines

There are smart vending machines that allow connectivity and cashless payments. This technology, however, will seemingly advance more. Manufacturers are trying to build machines that develop their algorithms and create personalised experiences. Establishments will soon be able to connect tea coffee vending machines to cloud systems that are operable through mobile apps.

The end users can use an app that processes orders and prepares the beverage as instructed. This process creates a customised user journey by providing recommendations the next time the user logs into the system. The machines could also send notifications for new menus and items in the vending machine.

5. Retrofitting

Constantly upgrading new machines can be overwhelming to businesses operating on smaller budgets. Retrofitting could be a growing trend that vending machine manufacturers will embrace. Retrofitting helps revamp old machines by adding the latest technology.

Since most vending machines have software, this can happen through programming the microprocessors, upgrading sensors and improving network functions. In the long run, businesses can enjoy efficiency and convenience without sacrificing their budget for new equipment. Though a new vending machine is economically viable, upgrading an existing one can help catering services maintain market competitiveness.

6. Healthy Products Vending

Earlier, vending machine manufacturers built machines to sell easy-to-grab cheaper beverages like sodas and juices. Over the years, these machines are now advanced enough to instantly deliver hot tea, coffee and chocolate in offices and self-service cafeterias. 

In addition, with changing customer preferences and multiple product options, manufacturers are now introducing options for healthy products.

People can now take soup directly from a vending machine that prepares hot soup per the user's preferences. The Godrej Minibar Soup has an adaptive touch screen with three soup options. It also offers soup in three strength options which is great for different customers.

Vending machines offer endless opportunities for service businesses to grow revenue by enhancing customer convenience. Even in offices, instant access to coffee ensures that everyone who wants coffee can get it in time and return to their desk. Manufacturers are constantly analysing these machines and incorporating technology and features that would improve efficiency.

Although vending machine trends are constantly changing, some are future-proof and will be in the market for years. Businesses looking for new vending machines must consider these trends to find a suitable solution.