B. Com LLB in Taxation Law - What Extra Will You Be Studying?

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B. Com LLB in Taxation Law - What Extra Will You Be Studying?
B. Com LLB in Taxation Law - What Extra Will You Be Studying?

New Delhi : Law is a challenging and intellectually stimulating field of study. As a student, if you already have decided on pursuing law as a career, you have made the right decision. The dream of wearing a court dress and preparing for a defence strategy is highly motivating. There are all sorts of law fields that you can pursue, and all are highly fulfilling. 

Yes, law as a course of study has many specialisations ranging from criminal law to taxation law. In this article, we will shed light on BCom LLB syllabus with specialisation in taxation law and the extra that you will study in the course to kickstart your law dream. 

What is BCom LLB in Taxation Laws?

B. Com LLB with Specialisation in Taxation Laws is a 5-year undergraduate program. It’s a course that combines law and commerce while focusing on taxation laws. If you have an interest in commerce, tax and law – BCom LLB syllabus will prove to be highly valuable and informative during the journey. 

So, if you pursue BCom LLB with specialisation in Taxation Laws, you would essentially become an Income Tax Lawyer. You would have sound knowledge of the issues and cases related to tax – and you can work across multiple domains and sectors to provide legal counsel. 

Why Pursue a Specialisation?

Specialisations are taking both the education and professional world by the storm. Pursuing a degree with a specialisation is essentially making students future-proof. It’s opening new avenues in the job market while giving a new direction to the careers

Similarly, BCom LLB with specialisation in Taxation Laws will help students pursue an entirely different aspect of the law. Previously, without specialised courses, working in a particular domain was only possible through job changes and after gaining experience. 

However, today with specialised courses, students can straightaway work in their desired domain. Also, the global economy, entrepreneurship and changing needs of organisations are making specialisations the need of the hour. 

Subjects in BCom LLB with Specialisation in Taxation Laws

The curriculum of BCom LLB with Specialisation in Taxation Laws is different from that of regular LLB courses. There’s equal emphasis on both commerce and law subjects. Students also get choices of elective subjects where they can study a subject of their choice.

If you pursue this specialisation, you will be studying the typical law subjects. However, there are also subjects that will focus on commerce and taxation. Here are the subjects that you will be studying:

• Business Economics

• Financial Accounting

• Corporate Accounting

• International Finance & Risk Management

• Taxation Law

• Cost Accounting

• Income Tax Law and Practice 

• Central Excise 

• Customs and Service Tax

• Wealth Tax and Direct Tax Planning

• VAT/Sales Tax Law and GST

• Corporate Tax Planning and DTC

• International Taxation 

• Adjudication of Tax-Related Disputes 

• Taxation of Non – Resident entities

• Comparative Tax Law

• Taxation of Corporate Entities

• Tax: Constitutional Provisions and Fiscal Relation between Centre and States 

• The Role of Taxation in Good Governance and Policy

The subjects mentioned above are some of the most important ones you will be studying in the taxation law specialisation. Apart from the typical law subjects such as family law, constitutional law, civil procedure code, law of crimes (IPC) and more, you will also be studying some business and commerce related subjects. 

What’s the Significance of These Subjects?

Specialisation in Taxation Laws will equip you to take on cases in the particular domain. Since you would be well-versed with these subjects, you could either start your own practice or become a corporate lawyer who specialises in tax. 

If you wish to be a lawyer and pursue B. Com LLB with specialisation in Taxation Law, choose a university that has a proven track record and a curriculum that focuses on professional aspects of education. UPES offers B. Com LLB with numerous specialisations including Taxation Law. The BCom LLB syllabus at UPES is one of a kind and provides a multi-disciplinary foundation to the students. 

Becoming a specialised lawyer will put you ahead. After years of experience, you can even carve out a niche for yourself in the job market, join the state bar council, or work for a multinational company. There are consulting firms, global audit and compliance firms that regularly hire lawyers with proven taxation experience. 

So, choose a specialisation and make a mark in the world.

Published : Thursday, April 18, 2019 19:34 [IST]
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