Bihar’s Young Entrepreneur Wants To Give People Jobs, Not Charity!

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Bihar’s Young Entrepreneur Wants To Give People Jobs, Not Charity!
Bihar’s Young Entrepreneur Wants To Give People Jobs, Not Charity!

Patna : The best way to bring social change is to get people jobs instead of charity! Young Bihari entrepreneur, Utkarsh Kishore, believes the same. Therefore, despite having a cushy corporate job and the safety of a steady income, he chose to give it all up to return home to Bihar and set up an automobile modification unit in Patna, where he made sure to employ landless workers from different parts of the state. Most of these workers had either returned from other states, disheartened and without any source of income, or they were daily wagers in Bihar, but, again without any means of livelihood left, due to the pandemic. 

Utkarsh’s business venture provided an opportunity to these jobless men and women to start life afresh after the first phase of pandemic. However, he did not just stop there and went ahead to set up a unique social project called TeamUK. In this he is joined by like-minded young men and women whose sole purpose is to bring social change in Bihar and in the rest of the country, especially in the rural areas, where jobs are hard to come by. The mission of TeamUK is to provide jobs, not charity, so that a family learns to stand up on its own two feet and become an instrument of nation-building.

Utkarsh derives inspiration to be a leader and motivator from his parents, father Shyam Kishore who is an IAS officer of the Bihar cadre and mother Anju, a known social worker who is also associated with several NGOs in the state. Ever since his college days in DU, Utkarsh has maintained his image of being a go-getter, student leader and motivator who has helped many young people realise their dream of working in the Indian civil services. For his multiple social upliftment ventures and the difference these have brought to the lives of the downtrodden people of the state, Utkarsh was recently awarded the “Bihar Gaurav Sammaan” too. His association with the polity in Bihar is another reason why Utkarsh is closer to the ground situation and understands what needs to be done to bring real social change at the ground level. He has been the youngest National Secretary of the youth wing of the Janata Dal (United) party apart from having served as incharge of Uttarakhand unit of JDU. Besides, Utkarsh has also been at the helm of Bihar government’s dream project, “Champaran Satyagrah”, as its Coordinator. This project brings rural issues to light and resolves the local problems in 6 districts of Bihar.

At the age of 28, Utkarsh, an MBA from the prestigious NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies, is already Director of Cosmo Drive Private Limited, his automobile modification unit and also the owner and Founder of TeamUK. In both ventures, his key role remains to work actively towards social upliftment and motivate people to hope and work hard for a better tomorrow.