CBSE to conduct Class 12 Economics re-exam on April 25

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CBSE to conduct Class 12 Economics re-exam on April 25
CBSE to conduct Class 12 Economics re-exam on April 25

New Delhi : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Friday announced the re-examination dates for Class 12 Economics subject. The authorities however maintained silence over the new dates for Class 10 re-exam.

Amid nationwide protests over the leak of CBSE question papers, the authorities have announced that the re-examination of Class 12 Economics paper will be held on April 25; while Class 10th examination will be held only in Delhi, NCR and Haryana, "if at all", in July.

Admitting to the leak of Maths paper, Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education, in the Union Human Resource Development Ministry, said that the only affected area is Delhi and Haryana as there were no evidences to claim a nationwide leak.

"The leak was restricted to Delhi and Haryana. If at all a re-exam will happen, it will happen only in these states in July. A decision will be taken on this in the next 15 days," Swarup told reporters.

Class 12 Economics paper was leaked across the country, this is why a fresh exam will be held on April 25 for all the students.

There will be no change in the result declaration dates, which normally happens in May end.

Bombarded with questions on who will be held responsible and why the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) chief Anita Karwal has not been removed following the lapse, he said responsibility can be fixed only after inquiry.

"Action will be taken against whoever is responsible. But you cannot pre-empt the inquiry. Without inquiry action will not be possible.

"There are two levels of inquiry - one is the police inquiry and the other is a departmental inquiry. We cannot say what exactly went wrong but we are trying to find out." 

Asked about the decision to hold the re-test, Swarup said: "We don't have any perfect answers available to us. We have limited set of information. It may not be a perfect decision, our immediate concern is that the children should not suffer. Children's interests are supreme. Other things can wait."

Asked about rumours that several CBSE question papers were leaked, the officer said false information was being spread through social media.

"In many cases, it was found that the papers were not leaked. Leak did happen. We were informed before exams that paper has been leaked. But our responsibility was to confirm that whether it's really a leak or not, that needed time. So we could not stop the exams.

"How did the paper leak, where was it leaked from... My request to you is that only after investigation I can say something."

Asked whether the government can guarantee that there will be no leaks in the future, he said nobody can guarantee about the future. "I cannot guarantee that there will be no leakage in the future. But we will take all steps to see such leakage doesn't happen."