E-learning Solutions brought to the Limelight by a 21-year-old at Cool Gurus!

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E-learning Solutions brought to the Limelight by a 21-year-old at Cool Gurus!
E-learning Solutions brought to the Limelight by a 21-year-old at Cool Gurus!

New Delhi : As we all know that these days e-learning or the method of learning via the online platform has flourished a lot and has reached new levels altogether. On the other side, learning the English language has also been a top-notch demand of people these days as it is the linking language around the globe and also opens the gates of numerous avenues and opportunities. 

So Romy Johnson, a 21year old student from the University of Regina, Canada came up with this brilliant idea to start Cool Gurus, an ed-tech company based in Canada. His company aims to deliver an end-to-end products and services suite for teaching English to Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Polish speakers and also to those who have an interest in knowing about the IELTS courses. His initial venture British India Academy is one of the top IELTS and English language learning institutions in Kerala.

Why E-Learning

Romy Johnson had realized that the method of e-learning makes way for an opportunity to learn fast and with an extremely low expense. It's also a very flexible method of learning and teaching as well as it can be done at any place and at any time to suit the schedule of the individual. It is also effective at the same time as it gives you the means to evaluate your performance on the gradual scale of time and note your failures and achievements and growth accordingly. Keeping all this is mind, Cool Gurus have arranged for customized lesson plans as per the language requirements of the students considering their language backgrounds will be different and will need separate handling. There is also the provision for live video support and lessons which will contribute to the improvement in learning to a huge extent.

Via this method, Cool Gurus have made sure that the lectures and lessons can be availed anytime and anywhere and any number of times, which helps the students in revising and memorizing the topics well. Apart from all these benefits, it also provides a very important benefit of protecting and saving the mother earth and nature. This is so because it is a complete paperless medium and hence adds a lot to the nature conservation and protection.

How was the Idea Conceived?

English learning has seen a considerable rise in the last decade as it makes you efficient enough to deal and compete with all the people around you at all levels, whether it is national level or on a global level. This makes one eligible for securing jobs and perfect lifestyles as one matches the expectation of an employer and also the society. Romy Johnson also understood that while the importance of English learning needs no more emphasis, it often becomes difficult for a number of students to bear the high tuition costs and attend the classes on time, if they have other engagements. 

This results in failures to clear the English tests and IELTS exams as well, as they get deprived from proper guidance and test series to get the hang of where they actually stand in terms of preparation. The youth mainly, therefore, are trying to learn English for getting placed, getting jobs, migration, employment, money, exorbitant salary, and good lifestyle, etc. But a lot of their efforts are bearing no fruits for these reasons. Therefore it made sense that there was the need for a web-based combination of E-learning and English teaching courses, which would provide the best means for securing lives, fulfilling dreams, achieving the short term and also the long term goals without compromising with our life, our family timing or wasting a lot of money. Cool Gurus have hit the jackpot in this regard and have successfully come up with what Romy dreamt of.

Cool Guru’s E-learning techniques for English to non-native English speakers have come across to as far as India and have become quite popular in Kerala. This is indicative of the fact that they have already grown a lot and are still exponentially growing towards making their own future as well as the future of the students they are helping, much brighter. Already with 10,000 users onboard they have also gone forward to help underprivileged students by introducing educational benefits as well as different kinds of scholarships. Romy Johnson's dream aka Cool Guru's presence is thus showing a pretty bright beacon of light to those who were lost in the darkness of failure.