Future of 40 Lakh ITI students at stake as DGT ignores 6-Point demands of All India ITI Organization and violates Odisha HC Orders

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Future of 40 Lakh ITI students at stake as DGT ignores 6-Point demands of All India ITI Organization and violates Odisha HC Orders
Future of 40 Lakh ITI students at stake as DGT ignores 6-Point demands of All India ITI Organization and violates Odisha HC Orders

New Delhi : All India ITI Students and ITI Director Joint Organization, in a conference organized at the Press Club of India in the capital Delhi on Monday, articulated their demands for ITI students. Students and other members participated in this conference. ITI organizations and students from all corners of the country concluded a regional and national level padyatra against the dogmatic and oppressive policies of DGT at Jantar Mantar in Delhi today. A week long 301 km long padyatra reached Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Monday via Morena, Dholpur, Agra, Mathura, Koshi Kala, Palwal, Faridabad. In this conference, DGT's Director General of Training (DGT) Neelam Shammi Rao (IAS) and Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan were invited through e-mail.

President of All India ITI Organization, Dr. B.S. Tomar said, "Our 6 point demands sum up that the continuously exploited students should get their rights fulfilled immediately. ITI students regular and old students examination from 2014 to 2020 session which is conducted from November 2020 and still in almost India year. The examination of 40 lakh students has not been completed, so the result should be declared as soon as possible on the basis of promotion or OMR system or practical and ED examination. Private Institutes (ITIs) should be closed with oppressive/exploitative policies. The conspiracy has given rise to corporate which is a betrayal with the lakhs of students."

Dr. Arun Nayak, Chairman, Chamber of Technical Institutions, said, "When ITI course is practical based then why exam theory based? Industry is looking for skilled manpower which decides the quality of factories. Due to paucity of skilled people There is a huge impact on quality. This process should be changed with immediate effect so that skilled people come to the factories of the country.

Dr. Deepak, who came from Bihar, said, "The enrollment process was disrupted by the DGT by closing the 3rd shift citing Covid, due to which 6.50 lakh ITI seats have been lost, and lakhs of instructors/staff have become unemployed. Whereas adequate vaccination has also been done and all schools, colleges and public institutions and places have also been opened. Then why discrimination against ITI institutions? Therefore, the second demand of the organization is that the enrollment closed in three shifts should be started immediately and stay reinstated."

Shailendra Pratap Singh Rajawat, Organiser, Padyatra Satyagraha Andolan, said, "The mandatory requirement of 4-Trades on old running ITI institutions should be abolished with immediate effect and the ban on grading from old ITIs should also be removed immediately."

Debashish Acharya, General Secretary of Odisha unit, in his address said, “The unnecessary and bizzare implementation of policies has hit the skill India mission of PM Modi. There is a dire need to rectify this. It is noteworthy that the Hon'ble High Court of Odisha has ordered DGT to conduct theory exams without any further ado. But DGT has not obeyed the HC which is a contempt."

Reena Yadav, a student from Pilibhit, UP, while mentioning the shortcomings in the examination, informed that CBT / ONLINE EXAMINATION, Only 40% of the students have been able to complete the half-completed examination with the error of only 40% students from the examination going on for 1 year. 100-200 KM away from the examination centers in other districts/states- Still the students come back without examination. It should be fixed immediately."

At the same time, Dr. Deepak Saxena of Uttar Pradesh unit said, "With the wrong rule of closing 3rd shift 6.50 lakh seats have been exhausted - the instructor/staff have become unemployed. Without need/survey, capacity/economic condition/building of institutions / Private ITIs are compelled to run 4 trades without seeing the land. Re-affiliation should be stopped with immediate effect. Its process was started in 2014, since then till now this issue is pending in the court on which there is still stay order."

All trade wise courses of Pradhan Mantri Skill India Mission (PMKVY), all the courses of State and Centre which were being given to corporate institutions till now, should now be given compulsorily to ITI institutions.

Jitendra Singh Bhadauria, State President of ITI Electrician Trade and Students Federation, who came from Gwalior, said, “Since last November, the results of ITI students from the session 2014 to 2017 and students from 2018 to 2020 are pending for one year. The two-year ITI has not been completed even in four years, so by requesting all the institute operators for the padyatra satyagraha movement, they are involved in the joint participation by starting the padyatra.

The last and the sixth demand of the organization is that the examination fee has been increased from Rs 75 to Rs 376, which should be reduced with immediate effect and the distance of the examination center should be kept within a radius of 20 kilometers so that the economically weaker students can be accommodated.