Hani Al-Badri: Taking over the world of media and communication as a highly-respected and renowned professional

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(Image: Hani Al-Badri)
(Image: Hani Al-Badri)

New Delhi : He has taken journalism and mass communication to great heights of growth and success across the Middle East.

They say there’s probably nothing that is impossible to achieve in life only if one decides to go under the grind, put every possible effort to make it huge in their areas of interest. People who start early in life and work upon improving their skills and knowledge go ahead in making a unique name for themselves in their chosen industries. The creative industries of the world is filled with such professionals who consistently put efforts, which leads them towards massive growth and success. The media and communication industry is one such that has so far seen innumerable such talents, but most of them have drawn great inspiration from a man who has given his life to the industry and has achieved milestones as a writer and a respected media professional; he is Hani Al-Badri.

This talented man is a Jordanian journalist, TV interviewer, news anchor, media expert, trainer on media subjects and so much more. Hani Al-Badri was born in 1964 and at a very early age, reading and writing was something he realized he was great at. Hence, he went ahead in doing his Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Yarmouk, Irbid – Jordan, in 1986 and earned a Diploma in Media in Diplomacy from George Washington University in 1989. To learn more and gain more insights into the subject, he did his Master’s in Media and Communication MEU, Amman - Jordan in 2010. Finally, in 2014, Hani Al-Badri earned his PhD in Mass Communication from Arab Institute For Research’s and Studies (IARS) Cairo.

Over the years, Hani Al-Badri has responsibly managed many top positions in the mass media and communication industry, which has also earned him great respect and high regard across the Middle East. Hani Al-Badri has been the Head of Training for communication science skills, radio and television presentation in the Training and Development Center – Radio and Television Corporation – Ministry of Information, Kuwait, also the Head of Training at the Jordan Media City Center – Jordan, Training on broadcasting and television presentation skills. For the Radio Talk Show Wasat Al Balad, he has been doing exceedingly well as an anchor, presenter, host, editor in chief since 2011. Hani Al-Badri has also been a senior trainer at prominent Middle East institutes, media and communication.

Apart from that, Hani Al-Badri has been the Executive Producer, Regional Chief - Amman Bureau Chief of KTV, Editor and weekly column writer in Jordanian Alghad daily newspaper and has to his credit a famous TV program named ‘Sixty Minutes’, a talk show that invited and interviewed leaders and officials of countries.

In his career spanning more than 3 decades, Hani Al-Badri has even received prestigious awards and accolades and have also been featured in prominent newspapers and magazines. There is still a lot more that Hani Al-Badri has achieved over the years, and all his works as an astute and passionate media and communication professional have propelled him much forward than others in the industry. To know more, follow him on Instagram @hani.albadri.