How to teach handwashing in a fun way to pre-schoolers

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How to teach handwashing in a fun way to pre-schoolers
How to teach handwashing in a fun way to pre-schoolers

New Delhi : Children are the most curious creatures to exist. They run around, touch things and have no sense of what is clean and what isn’t. Hence it is of utmost importance that kids, as young as possible, are taught the basics of hygiene. However, hygiene is innately a scientific concept that will be difficult for children to understand. Therefore, we must come up with fun and creative ways to include hygiene habits in their daily lives!

One of the most important hygiene habits we must inculcate in pre-schoolers is handwashing. Handwashing is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way of keeping ourselves free of germs and clean. However, it is necessary for kids to use a high-quality germ-fighting hand wash that is strong yet mild for their skin. Savlon is one of the leading brands in handwashes in India. Known for its anti-septic liquid for decades, Savlon handwashes promise 99.99% germ-protection from a wide range of diseases and bacteria. So, with a Savlon handwash and some interactive learning, your kids can be safer than they are.

Here are some fun ways to teach pre-schoolers how to wash their hands!

Making colourful and simple graphics/ posters

Kids love colours and shapes, and pre-schoolers are often attracted to them. Having graphics of comic characters washing hands or fighting germs can help kids understand that germs are bad. Similarly, having colourful handwashes or hand towels too can be enticing for kids to wash hands.

To explain how to wash hands, you can start by drawing hands, germs, and water on a blackboard, and create a story-like setting. This way, kids will be engaged and will understand things better!

Creating games for a better understanding of hygiene

Not only is handwashing important, but it is also necessary to know when to wash hands. To teach kids this, you can try creating interactive games! For example, make animated germ stickers and make kids place them in the most germ-filled areas! This will help them distinguish between a clean surface and a dirty surface. This will also help increase their awareness about washing hands!

You can also try showing germ-filled hands by using glitter, paint, or chalk, among other things! The goal is to get kids to identify germ-filled situations and remember to then wash their hands!

Singing songs during handwashing

According to health organisations like WHO, it is pertinent to wash your hands for 15-20 seconds to clear away the germs and viruses. Pre-schoolers may not have that long of an attention span and might not finish the required amount of handwashing. Hence, adding a fun song while handwashing can make the entire task more engaging, refreshing, and efficient. 

You can make them sing the ‘Happy birthday’ song, or any of their favourite rhymes or even their ABCs!

Giving them rewards post handwashing

The reward system works for several things like grades, play time and other activities. To promote more handwashing, you can assign rewards like star stickers, points or goodies that will make kids want to wash their hands properly! 

Giving them a reward will make them feel more positive and enthusiastic about washing hands and they will also learn how to do it well!

Marking designated time to wash hands

Children are very observant. They’re quick to pick up what they see and imitate it. Hence it is important for you as adults to wash hands in front of them. Moreover, it is great if you can mark “handwashing time” before and after lunch breaks, using the bathroom or playing outside. This will wire their brains into recognising when and where they must wash their hands!