IMTS Institute Noida: Get a World-Class Education with A 98% Pass Rate, All Courses are Approved By UGC

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IMTS Institute Noida: Get a World-Class Education with A 98% Pass Rate, All Courses are Approved By UGC
IMTS Institute Noida: Get a World-Class Education with A 98% Pass Rate, All Courses are Approved By UGC

Noida : IMTS Educational Institutions are more than educational places. They provide you with the information, skills, confidence, and experience to make the world a better place. IMTS is well-known for providing high-quality part-time, full-time, distance education, and online courses at reasonable Fees.

More than 25k students have been satisfied

For the past 15 years, around 25k+, students have been satisfied with the assistance and services provided by IMTS. The mentors are highly skilled in their fields and work. They have been leading MNC’s such as IBM, HCL, Google, BSF, Government Jobs and others.

For students to improve their professional and personal abilities, IMTS Institute provides the best possible support to students. 98% of students get their diplomas on schedule.

The IMTS institution has benefited over 25,000 students. They offer excellent career counseling in which specialists advise students on the breadth of each topic. This allows students to live a stress-free life after passing their Class 12 exams. They can determine which topics are best based on a student's abilities. It is an ideal environment for those who desire to advance and achieve in their chosen area.

They intend to be one of the most successful service providers in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Rak, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah RAK, Ajman, Kuwait, and Oman.

Strong Reputation Among Indian Students 

IMTS Institute is a prestigious institute. It has already established a strong reputation among Indian students, and it is now accepting international students as well. It helps students to fly in the sky of boundless knowledge. IMTS provides course information as well as assistance to students with projects and assignments.

To avoid any carelessness on the part of the students, IMTS keeps them up to speed on the newest rules, regulations, and announcements issued by the institutions.


Based on the students' requests, IMTS Institute has opened a branch in Dubai to provide the finest support to their students searching for distance education from Indian universities.

Every learner enrolled at the institute receives complete educational support as well as online assistance. All students have access to comprehensive online help.

IMTS Departments Providing High-Quality Services To Students  

The IMTS Verification Department 

It examines and verifies all Information eligibility any admissions-related information before forwarding it to the University.

The Institute services Department

This is most important Department, It provides students with university Exam update , project related , Assignment, practical Related all information. It also notifies students about any university-related activities.

The Institute Project Department 

This department assists students in completing their projects properly. And also Make proper Coordinate, institute makes sure that every student gets the best facility and high-quality education.

Online department

It provides part-time instructors to assist all students with their studies. If a student is having trouble comprehending something, Study specialists provide online assistance to that student, Students need to book there Slot.

Documents department

It aids students in completing out application forms, which include degrees, mark sheets, and provisional university documents.

Embassy Attestation department

After the documents department has completed all forms, the document embassy attestation department attests to them. 

Study education support

It assists students in obtaining admission to other countries (like UAE, Canada, UK, US).

NEW Education Policy 

According to the national education The knowledge acquired by simply mugging up things evaporates in a few months as a result of which we fail to recall the actual concepts. Understanding the fact that merely clearing exams is not the objective of education. NEP has proposed to redesign the exam pattern in such a way through which actual and true knowledge of a student could be tested. 

IMTS Noida Placement Department

IMTS includes a placement hub called the IMTS Education Foundation Placement Hub, which Students guarantees that students are placed in appropriate positions as per their Skills, and it has been acquiring many major companies such as INDIGO, HDFC, and others. They give students excellent worldwide and Indian career opportunities.

IMTS hires brilliant Part-time lecturers, board members, course counselors, technical help, and online support. The Institute of Management and Technical Studies employs many academics, MBA, EMBAscholars, researchers, academic and non-academic staff. They are always eager to help students in whatever manner they can. Under our supervision, they make sure that no student gets deprived of essential learning and education. More info can make call on Mobile Number: 9210989898 Email: