Motiverge EdTech Conference is all set to explore the Future of Education in India

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Motiverge EdTech Conference is all set to explore the Future of Education in India (Image: PR Guru)
Motiverge EdTech Conference is all set to explore the Future of Education in India (Image: PR Guru)

New Delhi : Motiverge, a motivational platform is delighted to announce the launch of virtual conference- “Would the Rise of Indian EdTech Sector be Sustainable Enough in the Post-Covid World?” on 26th August 2021. There’s never been a better time for the Indian edtech ecosystem to come together and address the future of online education in India as the global pandemic has accelerated the switch to e-learning. The focus of the conference will be Primary and Secondary supplemental education (K-12); Higher education; Test preparation; Upskilling, Reskilling and Online Certifications market and Language and Casual learning. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector as physical mode of learning seems to be a thing of the past with ‘online learning’/‘e-learning’ becoming the new normal. India's edtech (education technology) ecosystem has turned the present crisis into an opportunity and witnessed a rapid rise in the number of active players that attracted venture capital investments worth $1.4 billion in 2020. A report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India shows that India’s EdTech user base – including both paid and free users – in K-12 and post K-12 segments has doubled from 45 million to 90 million during the pandemic. 

In addition, the government of India is also promoting digital education across rural and urban settings and launched the National Education Policy 2020. The policy looks forward to mend EdTech in public schools and colleges to provide better access for disadvantaged groups, while making e-learning content available in regional languages. It further proposes virtual labs called National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) to help bring up more technological interventions in primary and higher education, and a lot more to make the Indian education system more tech-friendly. Through this policy, the government is also focusing on continuous tracking of learning outcomes, conceptual learning, technology-enabled pedagogy in middle school, coding and more to bridge gaps in access to quality education.

As e-Learning is one of the thrust areas identified by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for imparting education using educational tools and communication media, the department has also been financially supporting R&D projects in the area of online learning at various academic educational institutes, R&D Labs etc.  

Talking about the role of education technology in bridging the rural-urban learning gap, Jyoti Sharma, Asst. Prog. Director, Capacity Building, Development Alternatives says, “Technology in education is an equaliser, provided accessibility and affordability are given importance by various stakeholders”.

“The sustained success of edtech is dependent on its ability to create a seamless relationship between online and offline learning and co-existence with traditional learning channels,'' says Abhinav Mital, Co-Founder, The WorldGrad (EdTech Innovation Partner).

According to various reports, organisations are making significant investments in continually evolving technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, automation, and digitisation to stay ahead of the curve in a changing world. As per a recent study from the World Economic Forum and LinkedIn, by 2022, the skills required to perform most jobs will have shifted significantly. It suggests that upskilling and reskilling will be the new norm for students and professionals. 

Sharing his views on the future of edtech, Debabrata Ghosh, Partner, KPMG India says, “Use of technology in education delivery is going to gain higher momentum in the coming days. This will not only impact the way we learn but also the way we teach. More importantly, it will have an impact on cognitive skills within us. However elements like adoption, access, infrastructure availability and digital divide within society are the factors to be looked into for a holistic success.”

Emphasizing on the importance of blended learning in the post-COVID world, Amol Arora, Managing Director- SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools says, "Going into the future – progressive schools will surely use Technology and Classrooms as per their respective strengths as only online or offline will offer an incomplete learning experience.  Other traditional schools would need to upgrade themselves to this blended learning or risk being obsolete.”

It has thus become crucial to address the present and the future of the Indian edtech sector at a common platform that brings together the whole ecosystem of EdTech stakeholders including edtech founders, VCs & investors, accelerators, education publishers, institution leaders, educators, foundations, NGOs, government officials, parents, teachers, students and more. In order to bring the edtech community together, the delegate registration for the conference is being kept free of cost and attendees can join the virtual event from the comfort of their homes/offices. Interested edtech enthusiasts can visit the conference website at and register online to book their seats.

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