The Indian Publishers Conference 2023: Publishers shape trajectory of nation’s future

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The Indian Publishers Conference 2023: Publishers shape trajectory of nation’s future
The Indian Publishers Conference 2023: Publishers shape trajectory of nation’s future

New Delhi : The second day of the Indian Publishers Conference 2023 saw an assembly of prominent figures from the publishing industry, government, and literary community. Hosted by the Federation of Indian Publishers, the event marked its Golden Jubilee Year, celebrating fifty years of fostering growth and innovation in the Indian publishing landscape.

The conference, held at The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, under the theme "India @ 2047: Role of Publishing in Nation Building," highlighted the importance of the publishing industry in shaping the trajectory of the nation's future. The event featured discussions, talks, and networking opportunities for all attendees.

The renowned panel of moderators and speakers added value to the conference. 

Hon’ble Prashant Nanda, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, said, "Today's discussions at the Indian Publishers Conference 2023 have illuminated the profound impact of the publishing industry on our nation's trajectory. As we delve into the theme of 'India @ 2047: Role of Publishing in Nation Building,' it becomes evident that publishers are the architects of our intellectual future."

Dr. K. Sreenivasarao, Secretary of Sahitya Akademi, emphasized the theme's significance, saying, "The theme 'India @ 2047' is a reminder that our industry's contributions extend beyond commerce; we are entrusted with shaping the intellectual landscape of our country."

Nielson Director, Vikrant Mathur from Nielsen BookData India & GCC, shared his insights on the changing dynamics of the publishing industry, emphasizing the need for embracing technological advancements. He stated, "In this digital age, publishers have a unique opportunity to transform the reading experience. It's about finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation."

Lt Col Yuvraj Malik, Director of the National Book Trust, expressed his appreciation for publishers, highlighting their role in fostering a reading culture worldwide. Today again is a special day. I compliment each of you for two reasons – firstly, for crafting a treasury of knowledge; the substantial contributions of publishers in documenting such information often go unnoticed. Secondly, let's remember that we are more than mere traders; imagine a group of 10 individuals globally, and without a doubt, all 10 will be book readers."

The conference ended with a valedictory speech by Hon’ble Justice Jasmeet Singh Rajpoot of the Delhi High Court. In his speech, he underscored the role that publishers play in bridging the gap between readers and authors. He highlighted, "The alignment of readers' interests with the perspectives of authors is of utmost significance. Publishers, in this context, serve as a vital bridge, seamlessly connecting the two."

The Federation of Indian Publishers expressed their gratitude to all participants and attendees for contributing to the success of the event.