The ultimate guide to Delhi school admissions

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The ultimate guide to Delhi school admissions (Image Source: Genesis Global School)
The ultimate guide to Delhi school admissions (Image Source: Genesis Global School)

New Delhi : Figuring out a school that is the best fit for your child is a challenging task, especially amidst the number of alternatives. Although things may seem overwhelming seeing your child grow, choosing a school is a big decision, and it is not a one-day task. While looking for a Delhi school admission, remember that a child’s educational experiences define the rest of his/her life. Reputable schools such as Genesis Global School offer a holistic experience for students with a variety of extracurricular activities.

Evaluating the basic parameters of schools for Delhi school admission is crucial to understand its overall competence. So, here is your ultimate guide for selecting the school that is right for your child.  

Start by writing down things that are most important to you when looking for Delhi school admission. As you go through the admission procedures, keep revising and adding to the list. 

Here are four steps for the right Delhi school admission:

1.  Consider your Child’s Needs

One of the most crucial things to remember is that the search is not for choosing the best school, but for a school that supports your child’s unique learning needs. Nobody knows your child better than you do, so make sure you do not ignore any personal parameters before finalizing the Delhi school admission. 

If your child is expected to adapt as per the school’s regular functioning, he may soon become opposed to the institution and its methods. But, if you follow the reverse approach from the very beginning, by finding a school that will suit your child’s needs, your decision will have a higher probability of being favourable. 

2.  Explore Options

Make a list of the preferred schools and gather information about each by browsing their websites and making points. The process may seem simple, but requires in-depth research, including the quality of facilities available, teaching approach, infrastructure, faculty portfolio and the school’s performance. The school’s curriculum and pedagogy will give you a clear picture of what a school can offer for your child’s development. 

To facilitate the right Delhi school admission, keep your child’s strengths in mind while shortlisting the options. Ultimately, your child will be going to the chosen school for further learning and education. 

3.  Visit Schools

After narrowing down your options for Delhi school admission, contact the schools personally for visiting appointments. It allows you to get a realistic sense of how the school works. If possible, try to visit the school during regular school hours to get valuable information about the staff, student culture and daily routine of the institution. 

Ask questions about everything related to the functioning of the school, such as attendance rate, extracurricular activities, parents’ involvement, school’s history and reputation for a deeper understanding and to build trust within the institution. 

4.  Apply to the Schools

Once you select the ideal school for your child’s education, go through the process of application for Delhi school admission. Consider applying to multiple schools so that you have backup options in case your child does not get admission in the first preference of school for any reason. Make sure you begin this process at the earliest to avoid missing out on options for Delhi school admission due to deadlines. Admission procedures can vary from school to school, so prepare our child for both interviews and tests. 

5:  Find a Good Fit

Providing your child, the best learning environment is crucial as it is the beginning of a pathway that will further take them places in their future. Reputable schools such as Genesis Global School offer the perfect approach to learning with equal focus on academics and extracurricular activities. As an international school, they provide affiliations under International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Assessment International Education and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). So, remember, it is your responsibility to make the best of Delhi school admission for your child and their holistic development.