Top 5 MBA Specializations in India That Guarantee Success

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Top 5 MBA Specializations in India That Guarantee Success
Top 5 MBA Specializations in India That Guarantee Success

New Delhi : Success does not happen by accident; you achieve it by planning and pursuing the right path with strong grit and dedication. This same goes even when you aim for professional success. Today, many professional courses help you in preparing for the corporate world and grab excellent opportunities. MBA is one such popular degree which is said to be the best step to reacha higher position in the business world. 

Over time, the top B-schools in India are offering various specialised MBAs. As per their interests and goals, students opt for such specialisations. If you are also planning to pursue MBA but not sure about which specialisation to choose, we’d suggest you read this article till the end. 

From MBA human resource management to MBA finance, we have jotted down the top 5 ones that are a sure shot to success. Read on!

1. Finance

Considered as one of the most lucrative specialisations, MBA in Finance opens opportunities in private as well as government sectors. During your course, you will get training in accounting, equity modelling, corporate banking, statistics and financial markets to strengthen your knowledge base in the financial aspects of the business. 

Once you have completed your MBA in finance, you will be able to get a hefty payscale in plenty of job profiles. Some of the fields where you can work are Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Derivatives Structuring and Private Equity, to name a few. 

2. Information Technology

If you belong from an IT background, getting an MBA in the same is like adding a cherry on the top. During the course, you will learn how to use technology to achieve success in the corporate world. With a strong knowledge ofboth the domains, you become an essential asset that top recruiters are looking in the market. 

Be it Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Xebia or Wipro, you can get job opportunity in all the top companies. You can apply for specific job profiles such as business analyst, technical systems manager, QA manager, project manager and many more. 

3. Human Resource Management

Many people believe that HR management is one of the easiest MBA specialisations. However, that is no less than a misconception. In reality, it is one of the most challenging jobs as it deals with people. 

Also, HR is also one of the most demanded career paths as all sectors have an inevitable need for HR professionals. So, if you pick upMBA human resource management, there are high chances that you will get a good job just after your post-graduation.

4. Marketing

A dynamic and competitive choice, MBA in Marketing also gets you some of the highest paying jobs in the market. Companies are continually searching for talented individuals ready to take over their marketing department and help their business getgreater profits. Your MBA in Marketing will make sure that you get training in all the essential aspects of the marketing world and polish your communicational and mobilisations skills. If you are an outgoing person, this is the best choice for you. 

After your post-graduation, you can go for various career opportunities ranging from being brand managers, market research analyst to project and sales manager. With time, you can also become Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of a company which is no less than a dream come true for many MBA professionals.

5. International Business

Last but not the least, MBA in International Business is excellent if you aim to grab global opportunities. The course is designed to help students gain insightsabout managerial issues that occur in international business and address them with the best solutions. 

Some of the major topics that you will be studying include business communication, foreign trade policies, financial accounting, strategic management, econometrics and so on. As far as the job opportunities are concerned, you can get jobs in the following profiles:

• Export-Import Management

• Brand Management

• Finance/Forex Management

• Compliance Management

• Logistics Management

• Key Account Management

Done reading? Then select a specialisation soon and secure a seat in top colleges before it gets too late. Choosingthe best B-school is also a tough task; thus, do thorough research before finalising the admission. Some colleges like UPES also conduct webinars and workshops to help students decide the best course. You can take attend such events and get advice from industry leaders. Best of luck!