Institutions drop 'university' from their names as UGC deadline ends

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UGC directs 29 institutions to drop 'university' from their names
UGC directs 29 institutions to drop 'university' from their names

New Delhi : 29 higher education institutions have been asked to drop 'university' from their names despite their "deemed to be varsity" status.

UGC pulled up the institutions and told them that they cannot use the word "university" as per Section 23 of the UGC Act.

A warning has also been issued claiming that the institutions would lose their "deemed to be university" tag if they failed to make the switch.

As per the given deadline of 4PM till Thursday, many universities have complied and reported the same to the body.

The UGC had on November 10 and 13 asked the institutions to comply with the SC direction of November 3, 2017, restraining institutions deemed to be universities from using the word "university".

On November 29, 2017, UGC wrote to the erring institutions: "It has been observed that inspite of directions from Supreme Court and UGC, the deemed to be university is still using the word 'university' with its name... This noncompliance of the orders of the Apex Court and the directions of the UGC has been viewed 'very seriously' by the UGC."