Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder discusses – Higher Education Opportunities Abroad

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Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder discusses – Higher Education Opportunities Abroad
Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder discusses – Higher Education Opportunities Abroad

New Delhi : India has a sizable young population, many of whom are qualified to attend college. But both in terms of accessibility and quality, higher education in India continues to be a challenge. There are not enough opportunities and high-quality institutions in the country. Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder talks about reasons why students leave India to pursue higher education abroad. “Numerous factors contribute to the flight of students to other nations, but their difficulty to enroll in reputable institutions in India is the major reason. Many people from affluent families can afford to send their children abroad and others stretch themselves financially in the hope of better career prospects. The lure of a better “life” pushes many students to move overseas. In a majority of the cases, students from India do extremely well abroad and hence their investment pays off.”

Given the lack of top-notch educational institutions in India and the imbalance in supply and demand, many families have been forced to send their children abroad. Especially after 1990s, more and more people could afford to send their children to study abroad in developed countries like the US, UK and Canada. Middle-class children also attempted to get scholarships to go overseas. A larger population now has access to foreign education thanks to education loans, and new countries in Europe and the Middle East have emerged to entice students to their shores with more affordable cost of education. 

The covid-19 pandemic restricted people from moving abroad in the past two years, which led to a sudden increase in students migrating outside this year. There was a period during the pandemic when everyone thought that the migration of students abroad may be affected in the long run. However, after lockdowns opened, we saw that the demand for overseas education was back. 

“Many students move out to pursue professional or vocational courses like culinary arts, sports management or other skill-based degrees. Institutions in India do not provide as many course options and there is definitely a lack of specialized skill-based courses in our country. Moreover, the bulk of the country's educational institutions follow a set curriculum, which may not be in line with what the job market requires. Also, most Indian students go overseas at the Master’s level because the choice of degrees available is vast and students can move to the job market within 12-24 months of a Master’s degree. This assures them a higher return on investment. STEM degrees in the US especially in Computer Science, Data Science and Business Analytics are high in demand and most students get very good jobs,” states Vineet Gupta Jamboree Founder.

The cost of education abroad is expensive. Furthermore, not every student receives full scholarships. However, most students recover the cost of their education within 3-5 years after graduating, making the return on investment attractive. Students are mostly drawn to go to US, UK and Canada for higher education. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany and other Western European nations are also drawing students in large numbers increasingly as many universities in these countries now offer courses in Englisj. Due to the linguistic barrier, countries like Japan, China and South Korea still have lower popularity.

Admission process to these world-class universities and colleges is a tedious process. Jamboree Education prepares students who want to study abroad and ace tests like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. A significant number of students dream of moving abroad for higher studies and Jamboree helps them to realize their dreams by being a one stop shop for admissions and test preparation.  

The demand for foreign education will remain high as long as the Indian educational system is not fully developed to accommodate the aspirations of a lot of Indians. Vineet Gupta Jamboree Education Founder discusses how lack of faculty quality, outmoded curriculum, and inadequate infrastructure are the key reasons for our finest students to go overseas for higher education.  “India's educational system both in terms of capacity and quality needs to develop exponentially. We need to nurture faculty and India’s best talent should be attracted to go into academia. We also need major investments in developing high quality institutions. Universities like Ashoka, Plaksha, Krea, Shiv Nadar and OP Jindal offer a ray of hope. The NEP 2020 is forward looking. With new regulations and policies governing higher education, India will hopefully be able to emerge as the education capital of the world.”