5 products that have changed since the 90s and 5 that haven't

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New Delhi : Many things have got influenced with way society transformed in last two decades. Here are 5 products that have changed since the 90s and 5 that haven't.

The pack did actually have more chips than air.

Soft drinks
Diet coke was unheard of, 2 litre bottles were never seen and 'banta' was quite a popular and cheaper alternative.

Aam papad
It was the alternative to change at many shops. Packets started from below a rupee to add flexibility to that procedure. The ones available today are much expensive and nowhere close to that taste.

Mango bite and coffee bite
They were possibly the reasons for reducing the demand of 1 rupee coins. Despite many others trying to get that same appeal, their success has been limited.

Macchli wali toffee
Before the multinationals stepped in, this toffee secretively found its place in the pockets of most children. Many even staked them in cricket matches.

5 that haven't

Still the staple food of many college canteens. Despite having reduced their quantity, most other things remain the same.

The packet of gems was quite a fascinating product in the 90s. Even now, it excites the young and old alike.

Orange bar
The favourite fix after evening play in the simmering heat or to frequent power cuts. The product seems to have survived the  playstation revolution.

Fun flips
Still 5 bucks and rubbing salt into the wounds of many competitors.

Milky bar
While it has reduced in its reach, milky bar continues to be a favourite for children of the 90s.