8 excuses a girl can make to end a relationship

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They say where there is a will, there is a way. Well that is definitely true when girls want to end relationships. As for the boys, there is little they can say and a lot they can think. Here are the top 8 excuses girls make and the answers that the boys just can't give.

1. I need space
When i said that, it was equated to cheating.

2. I can't connect with you
The last time i checked, the circuit was just fine.

3. You don't give me time
But the only thing i have done in the last 3 days is talking to you.

4. I need time to think about us
You can't make up your mind on a restaurant, god bless me now.

5. We don't have a future
Wasn't yesterday's quote of the day "live in the present" kind?

6. You don't love me like you did when we started
Think i should have stopped for those flowers.

7. I just don't feel we click anymore
No wonder you shared the 'my choice' video... And i shared its trolls... Sigh

8. My ex....
Oh boy, it does not matter what she says now. This is going to end ugly.