Allow filmmakers to use their imaginative minds, we've become overstrict: Parineeti Chopra

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Parineeti Chopra spoke about filmmakers use their imaginative minds
Parineeti Chopra spoke about filmmakers use their imaginative minds

Mumbai : Every film when is set to release is bounded in some or the other controversy. It can be of any scene of the film, or of some dialogues. Recently Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma which is set to release soon was landed in controversy due to the use of a certain word ‘intercourse’.

According to Deccan Chronicle on this actress, Parineeti Chopra said people are becoming overly strict when it comes to allowing filmmakers to express their views through films.

Parineeti on the issue of the use of word ‘intercourse’ said,"I think we have started overthinking things. It's true that a lot of things do impact the society, but films also play a role in it. If there is anything in the film which will have huge negative impact on kids, us, then that should be dealt with but there are certain things about which we are over thinking."

Further, she added,"I won't name anyone but I feel we are becoming overstrict. Somewhere we are going against the freedom of making films. Films are larger than life. We show things which don't otherwise happen in real life in the movies. But when we overthink and start cutting a lot of things, then it'll become a documentary.

Finally, she ended by saying that,“We should allow that freedom of expression, allow filmmakers to use their imaginative minds to entertain you all. So I feel we have started overthinking,"