Theatres in Tamil Nadu to stop screening films from July 3rd

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Theaters in Tamil Nadu to remain close
Theaters in Tamil Nadu to remain close

Chennai : GST has been imposed in the country but still, there are many who are unaware of what percentage is to levied on which service and good.

One such sector is the entertainment sector. 

The theatres in Tamil Nadu will stop screening and will remain close from July 3rd. this will be done to protest ‘lack of clarity’ on the amount of tax which is to be levied. 

There remains confusion in the minds of people as how much tax is to levy from the people after the rollout of GST.

The President of Tamil Film Chamber of Commerce, Abirami Ramanathan said,”the state government needs to clarify how much tax will be levied on theatres after GST rollout. We request the state government to sort out the confusion immediately,”.  According to The Indian Express.

Also, he said all the shows will be cancelled from July 3rd.

Ramanathan said more than 800 theatres in the state will remain closed from Monday. Also, he added that Kerala Government had notified that municipalities would not levy the tax on top of GST.

He finally added, “Some 10 lakh families are depending on our sector. If entertainment tax is levied by the state on top of GST, theatre owners will end up paying up to 53 percent of the ticket rate as tax,”