Doors open for common man in Bigg Boss 10

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New Delhi : From government to private companies, everyone is taking extra care of common man these days, and so do Bigg Boss makers. 

From the latest advertisement, it has been learnt that Salman Khan, host of the show, has invited common people of India to be a part of his reality TV show.


# In a latest commercial ad, Salman Khan is seen inviting common man as the participant on the Bigg Boss 10. Watch teaser trailer below: 

# As video ends, Salman Khan is seen saying, "Vichitra aam public will be coming too. Invite to har baar nahi karunga yaar, aap hi ka to ghar hai yaar."

# Want to know how to register for the show. Watch this video for details: 

# Bigg Boss season 10 is likely to return during mid-October with a twist to surge its huge fan base.

# So far celebrities have been a part of the show, adding common man to it would be just a treat to watch as an experiment.

# Salman Khan will be hosting the show for the seventh time. Watch earlier promos of the show below: