Five things which make Happy New Year illogical

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New Delhi : This week’s biggest release Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Happy New Year is definitely making some big records in terms of earning. But there are many illogical things which should have been avoided to make the film logical.

1: First things first, Shah Rukh’s father gets arrested eight years back and after that Shalimar did not get any big deal which could have made SRK execute his plan a bit earlier. Exceptional yet illogical!

2: Jackie dada was the owner of diamonds during Anupam Kher’s time, but, out of which dream he chose to change his business plan to making safes instead of diamonds.

3: Disaster in all sense, both Jackie Shroff and Abhishek Bachchan skipped episodes of World Dance championship, except the semi-final and finals. Which could have revealed double role mystery in seconds.

4: Why cops didn’t opt probe instead of Jackie Shroff’s direct arrest.

5: And the best one abhi baaki hai mere dost! Why do you need a master plan to rob diamonds, when you can directly enter into the diamond chamber from a tunnel outside? Quite a logic, I must say.

The film is doing great but Farah, we are sorry to tell you that Happy New Year’s logic statements seem to be inspired from your brother Sajid Khan’s idea factory. 

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