Golmaal Again: Laxman not to stammer, but to stay quirky

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New Delhi : Actor Shreyas Talpade, who played Laxman with a stammering problem in "Golmaal 3", says his character in "Golmaal Again" will not stammer, but there will another "quirk".

"There were certain issues that happened last time because of that stammering thing. Considering all of us are getting extra sensitive about little things... this time, he (his character) is not stammering. There is another quirk to his character. He's got a slight lisp," Shreyas told select media here when asked about his role in the Rohit Shetty directorial.

Back in 2010, the Indian Stammering Association had sued the makers of "Golmaal 3" for mocking people who stammer.

Also, going by the fight that generally happens between filmmakers and the Central Board of Film Certification before a film's release, Shreyas said people should find a way to avoid it.

"Restrictions are there. It's not like if this thing is not there, you can't do it. But when you need that thing so, you need to fight for that. Otherwise, we try and find an option.

"There is no point in getting overtly sensitive about every little thing. Someone told me that in an upcoming film, there is a problem with the word 'nanga' (nude). We have been using this word since ages. So suddenly what happened? We shouldn't be so sensitive about it," added Shreyas, also a producer.

His next "Golmaal Again" will see some action sequences.

"All of us except Ajay bhai (Devgn), we haven't done much action yet. But for Rohit Shetty, without action, it doesn't work. Everyone wants to know how many cars he blew up for the film. When I saw the set, I thought we would be sitting in the cars, but he told us 'No, you guys will be just jumping outside'," he said with a laugh.

The fourth part, sans actress Kareena Kapoor, of the film franchise has some new additions - actress Parineeti Chopra being one of them.

"She is quirky and bubbly, but yes, we do miss Kareena. She is happy-go-lucky, little moody, otherwise she was fun on sets. She was there in two parts. I so wished her to be part of this film even if it was for a small sequence...with all of us somewhere. If we continue with the franchise, I hope she will be in the next one," said Shreyas.

She is not in this one for sure. 

Asked about it, Shetty said: "No, not really. If I want to do, I'll do a whole film with her. It's a different story altogether, there is no suspense element, but if I reveal why we need a girl like Parineeti...if you see the film, you will say 'Oh! that was the reason."