How Tamannah is keeping herself fit after COVID-19 recovery

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Tamannah Bhatia (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/@tamannaahspeaks)
Tamannah Bhatia (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/@tamannaahspeaks)

New Delhi : Coronavirus cases have been reported in people from almost all genres of work, including entrepreneurs, sportspersons, or Bollywood celebrities. Recently, Malaika Arora was tested coronavirus positive and days after Tamannah Bhatia also fell prey to the virus.

The Baahubali actress had reported high fever while shooting for a web series in Hyderabad. Post diagnosis, she was admitted to a private hospital for treatment for a few days.

The good news is that the actress has recovered from coronavirus and now she is doing every possible thing to keep herself healthy and fit. She gave her audience a sneak peek into her #BacktoFitness regime on Instagram.

Sharing the short glimpse of her fitness regime, the actress wrote, “It’s time to take baby steps and get back my stamina. This is an extremely important step after recovering from coronavirus. Keep going but make sure you listen to your body.”

In the video, Tamannah can be seen wearing a V-neck T-shirts and joggers. She can be doing a few exercises outdoors, as guided by her instructor Yogesh. In the video, she shares that this is the first time she’s doing any kind of training post her brush with covid-19.

She advises her audience to keep hydrating between exercises. That’s because you sweat a lot when you engage in any kind of physical activity. Drinking water ensures you get the most out of your workout!