Interesting facts about iconic RK studios

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Interesting facts about iconic RK studios
Interesting facts about iconic RK studios

New Delhi : Iconic RK studio, founded by Raj Kapoor in 1948, is on sale, Rishi Kapoor confirmed on Sunday. Now, when it is decided let us take you through the interesting facts about the RK studios.

1: Established by Raj Kapoor

One year after India got Independence, Raj Kapoor established the studio. It's first film 'Aag' failed to perform on Box Office but the studio gained recognition over time with films like 'Barsaat', 'Awaara' and 'Jagte Raho' to its credit.

2: RK Studio logo

RK Studios' logo has been inspired from the famous movie 'Barsaat'. The poster had Raj Kapoor holding Nargis in one arm and a violin in another and was so loved by all that it was forever immortalised in the logo.

3: Strict no access to media

Raj Kapoor had decided that there will be no reason for which media will be allowed inside the studio. Raj Kapoor's son Rishi, who got married to actress Neetu Singh back in the day, held his nearly 20-day celebrations at the RK Studios. In fact, their marriage reception too was held at the same venue with several big names from the Bollywood industry in attendance.

4: Holi celebrations

Like a trend, both Rishi Kapoor and Raj Kapoor like to celebrate Holi in the RK studios with their loved ones.