No matter what! Nushrat Bharucha to get married soon

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No matter what! Nushrat Bharucha to get married soon
No matter what! Nushrat Bharucha to get married soon

New Delhi : Nushrat Bharucha recently opened up about the reactions from her parents on the song 'Chote Chote Peg' from one of her movies. On the song, the actress had worn a glamourous two piece outfit and she talked mainly about it.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Nushrat said, "I had not told them anything about the song as I didn't want an issue and thought they will see in the end. I didn't tell them about the release of the song. I came home late after promotions and saw my mother and father sitting. They played Chhote Chhote Peg on a big TV. I was like 'I am gonna die'. And my father turns to me in slow motion and asks me, 'Is that a bra?'."

Replying to his query, she replied, "I was like, 'it's a bralet. There is a difference'."

She also spoke about a fact that she used to tell her parents before introducing her boyfriend to them. She said, "Every single time I introduce my mom to my boyfriend, I have always maintained one simple fact, even with my father. I have told them before every first meeting, 'He is my boyfriend at present, we will get married if we are successful in this relationship. But if we aren't, you will have to understand that it's okay, he is my partner right now in this journey and he may not be tomorrow, which is okay'."

Her mother was also present during the interview and said, "We do get upset because we want her to settle down now and added, "She is going to get married very soon, we are going to push her now. We given her enough time and now she has to listen to us."

Interestingly, Nushrat had turned 35 last Sunday.