Salman Khan's style to teach Kapil Sharma a lesson

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Salman Khan avoids Kapil Sharma
Salman Khan avoids Kapil Sharma

New Delhi : Bollywood actor Salman Khan is not trying anything to be in touch with the comedian Kapil Sharma these days, including his avoidance to promote 'Tubelight' on the Kapil Sharma Show. 

The behaviour of Salman Khan seems justified as we get to know the probable reason behind it. Looks like Mr Dabangg has his own ways to teach proper lesson to the comedian.

Recently, Salman Khan had avoided Kapil Sharma and went for a special show with Sunil Grover to promote his movie 'Tubelight'. There had been a lot of buzz in the media houses but now the real reason has been revealed.

According to a report by, Salman Khan is miffed with Kapil Sharma over his careless attitude. quoted a source as saying, “Salman was also not very comfortable with the fact that Kapil did not give a proper script before a shoot and made a lot of end moment changes. However, keeping professionalism in mind, Salman never made a hue and cry about it. He went with the flow but Salman was surely not very happy about these things.”

Things got over cooked when Salman Khan saw Shah Rukh Khan waiting for Kapil Sharma during the rehearsals of Filmfare Awards 2016. Mr Sharma was again late and SRK was waiting for him to go ahead with a Qawwali rehearsal.

"That was it! Salman Khan never spoke to Kapil post this incident and the two never crossed each other’s path. He still is mighty pissed with Kapil." concluded the source.

It will be interesting to see how Kapil Sharma will respond to this when the reason behind Salman Khan's anger has been revealed.