Shah Rukh Khan loves cooking as much as he does acting

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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan desires to be a cook
Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan desires to be a cook

New Delhi : Shah Rukh Khan is one of the greatest actors Bollywood industry has produced but have you ever imagined what would he had been if not an actor?

If not an actor then Shah Rukh Khan may have chosen to pursue his life as a chef; this is what he desired in one of his recent interviews.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, SRK was quoted as saying he wants to learn cooking and host some guests from the film industry, or maybe one fine day some lucky fans too.

Shah Rukh told HT: “I genuinely want to cook. Imagine, if I open a chain of restaurants and stores, kitna business karunga main (I will do so much business). Having said that, Juhi (Chawla) once asked me, ‘Why have you named your company, Red Chillies?’ And I was like, ‘just in case film-making fails, I’ll open a restaurant by the same name. Red Chillies Restaurant toh chalega hi (laughs)."

King Khan also claimed that acting is similar to cooking. He said, “I think of acting too as ‘serving’. As an actor, when you serve and present your acting, you hope people like and enjoy it as much as you enjoyed making it [the film]. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Plus, you don’t impose yourself on people and be like accha laga ya nahi? (did you like it or not?). You just serve. I like to serve people in the house.”

The interview definitely mentiones his desire to become a chef and how interesting it is that in over 25-year long career he only once got a chance to play the character of a cook.

Well, we have no idea if he was just saying or actually have something in mind to go for a restaurant. But what we are sure is that if does so then it will also be a hit just like his movies.