Singer Shaan attacked in Assam for singing Bengali song

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Bollywood Singer Shaan
Bollywood Singer Shaan

New Delhi : An unpleasant incident took place during the concert of Bollywood singer Shaan in Guwahati on October 28. The video footage of the incident has gone viral which has raised hue and cry in the Internet world.

It was on Sunday night when Bollywood singer Shaan was performing at Guwahati's Sarusajai stadium. Everything was going well, when suddenly someone from the audience threw paper ball at him.

On this, the ginger turned furious and has stopped his performance midway. Shaan, then asked the security men to get the person concerned on stage.

"Get him on stage. Whoever you are, never throw things at an artist. Learn to respect a performer," the singer was heard saying over the microphone.

"I had high fever. I am on antibiotics. I am here performing all night for you. And if this is the kind of response and this is the kind of people here then I am not interested," he said.

The embarrassing attack on singer has triggered outrage on social media with many alleging that the singer was heckled for singing in Bengali. It has been rumoured that people were upset that that he was singing a Bengali song in Assam.

It is likely, that a few people are trying to pour political color in the situation in the backdrop of NRC ( National Register of Citizens). Meanwhile, the singer is making his best effort to ensure further damage control. However, many have come forward and apologised to Shaan on behalf of the audience. He has answered to many of the heartfelt apologies on Twitter.

"My outcry was not directed to that one individual but to all who are harbouring these 'Regional Divide' Sentiments!! The Youth must not fall into this trap #StayUnited (sic)," Shaan wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet, he added, Just for the records ...loved my Assam Tour!! Saw the most fascinating sights...made new friends..had huge turnouts at every concert.. Over one unfortunate incident it would be VeryWrong to Tarnish this Beautifull State!!! Whatever happened was in the heat of the moment.