Sonu Nigam’s tweet over Azaan: Mixed reactions from fans and followers

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New Delhi : Sonu Nigam's tweet over Azaan on Monday morning left many of his fans and followers angry; he complained of ‘forced religiousness’ on being woken up to the sound of azaan (a mosque’s call to prayer) even though he is not a Muslim. 

“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India,” he wrote.

Sonu Nigam might not have thought how people will react to it. And the way some responded, he will not be a happy man today.

“I am a fan of urs but this was definitely a bullshit statement. U gotta respect other religions beliefs. It’s a democratic country,” wrote one. 

Following are some of the reactions he received from the fans and followers of him:

And it was not going to end here; after receiving so many comments from the fans, Sonu Nigam went on to came up with his own explanation over the frustration.

Ofcourse, some came to his support and tweeted like this: