Sumeet Vyas explains the metaphoric meaning of 'Ribbon'

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Sumeet Vyas explains the metaphoric meaning of 'Ribbon'
Sumeet Vyas explains the metaphoric meaning of 'Ribbon'

New Delhi : Actor Sumeet Vyas, who will next be seen in the film "Ribbon", says just like people tie a ribbon on a present to add a "finishing touch", the title is metaphoric of what holds a relationship together.

Asked about the significance of the film's title, Sumeet said: "We tie a ribbon on a present to add a finishing touch and to hold things together or to make it look pretty. Just like that, we tie a ribbon on a relationship to hold it together.

"Tying that ribbon is like giving every relationship a name or a finishing touch -- they are married or they are seeing each other or are in love with each other."

Explaining the title further, Sumeet said: "When you are in a relationship and go through many challenges, the ribbon loosens up and once in a while, you have to tighten the ribbon. That's what happens in the film."

Sumeet has always been seen as the sweet and simple boyfriend in his previous works, including web series "Permanent Roommates".

On his character in "Ribbon", Sumeet said: "The character will be very relatable to the people in and around my generation. They are all very smart, educated, watch English films, read newspapers and they believe they have evolved and practice gender equality.

"But as soon as they face some problems, everything changes and they start practicing what they have been seeing since childhood. They become the man of the house and become patriarchal."

Directed by Rakhee Sandilya, the film is about a young urban couple trying to strike a balance between family life and work, while overwhelmed with the birth of a baby girl. They also find that parenthood comes with its own challenges.

The film's cast includes Kalki Koechlin and Hitesh Malhan.