Dwayne Johnson surprises high school student

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Dwayne Johnson surprises high school student
Dwayne Johnson surprises high school student

Los Angeles : Actor Dwayne Johnson surprised a high school student who asked him to go to prom with her.

Last weekend, Katie, a high school senior from Minnesota, asked the 45-year-old entertainer to her prom. Johnson did not agree to go to prom with the high school student, but he responded to the request by surprising the student, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Johnson rented out the area's movie theatre for a special showing of his new movie for Katie and her friends.

He wrote in the clip's caption: "I was so impressed by this young lady's charm and confidence to even ask me (ladies always get shy in front of me) that I had to do something special.

"I decided to rent out an entire theatre (capacity 232 seats) in her town so Katie and her closest 232 friends and family can enjoy a special screening of ‘Rampage'. And all the free popcorn, candy and soda high school kids can consume! You're money's no good Katie... everything is on Uncle DJ."

He was not done there as he also taped a special message for his fan.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Katie is shown sitting in class as a special morning announcement comes on. Her face goes bright red as she hears the voice of her favourite actor tell her that he has rented out an entire movie theatre for her and her friends.

"I'll take happy tears all day," the actor captioned the post.