Fans, wait as little longer, Avengers 4 Trailer will not come this week

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Avengers 4 will hit the screens in May 2019
Avengers 4 will hit the screens in May 2019

New Delhi : While social media websites got flooded with the speculations that Avengers 4 trailer will be released this week, marvel fans might have to wait a little longer.

Keeping aside all the rumours and speculations, MCU Cosmic founder Jeremy Conard has reported that the trailer is not coming this weekend. And, if everything goes well, it might be released by the end of the month.

He wrote, "The bad news is those rumors are false, as I’ve seen confirmation now that there will not be a trailer released for Avengers 4 this coming Friday. That doesn’t mean we won’t see one this month, as the first teaser for Avengers: Infinity War was released last November on the 29th, but it won’t be on Black Friday or around Thanksgiving this week."

Also, sources confirmed that Russo Brothers will bring its trailer on November 29 during a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War, exactly a year after its release.

The screening has been scheduled for November 28 and will be followed by a Q & A session by directors Joe & Anthony Russo. Coincidently, the first trailer for Infinity War was also released around the same time last year, on November 29. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy twitted that something terrible is happening in the coming week but he needs confirmation about it.

"Just heard a RUMOR of potentially really bad news for the coming week. But it's so bad and will anger so many I'm not going to go into more detail. Will wait a couple of days to see if it is as bad as I was just told. Really hoping it's false. Hoping for good news tomorrow,” he tweeted.

A little later, he hinted that something 'really awesome' is on our way. Although it will not be Marvel related.

However, no official announcements have been given by Marvel. However, Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel studio had previously stated that the trailer would be released before the end of the year.

It is likely that Avengers 4 will hit the screens in May, next year, concluding the Avengers Universe in MCU.