Happy birthday Keanu Reeves: Some lesser-known facts about the actor

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Keanu Reeves [Image: Pinterest]
Keanu Reeves [Image: Pinterest]

New Delhi : One of Hollywood's most loved star, Keanu Reeves is celebrating his 56th birthday today. The actor has not only been entertaining the audience with his acting skills but also his charisma has been wooing us since 1984.

Not just for his acting skills but Reeves is widely known for his humble nature and professionalism. 

While fans have flooded social media with adorable birthday wishes for the actor, we take a look at lesser-known facts about him.

Reeves, who was raised in Toronto, had grown up playing hockey throughout his childhood and was a part of his school Hockey team as well. The had co-coached a Hockey club but eventually decided to become an actor. Coincidentally, Reeves went on to play a hockey player in Peter Markle's 1986’s directorial 'Youngblood'.

Reeves used to introduce himself as Chuck Spadina, Page Templeton III and even K.C. Reeves in the early stage of his career as his agents wanted him to change his first name. Keanu Reeves revealed this thing on a talk show and left all his fans stunned with this revelation. But the actor discontinued this practice as he would end up saying his real name.

The actor had nearly married his co-star Winona Ryder? The two had teamed up for Francis Ford Coppola's 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' back in the 90s and the press tour Ryder had revealed that Coppola had actually used a real priest for the wedding scene in the film where she had exchanged the vows with Reeves.

Did you know that Reeves has also published his own poetry in the form of a book which is titled as ‘Ode to Happiness’ in 2011. Not only that but the book also contains drawings by painter Alexandra Grant. The two even collaborated once again and published another book titled Shadows in 2015.

Keanu Reeves also had the dream of going on the stage and rocking the audience. He even joined a band which was known as the Dogstar in the 90s but unfortunately, Reeves didn't have a good experience of it.

The humble actor donated eighty percent of his earnings from the Matrix series. His sister had been diagnosed with leukaemia and she was cured; he ensured that his hard-earned money went to a good cause.

Few months ago, Keanu promised a 15-minute private date in exchange to raise money for an Idaho-based children's cancer charity. The actor promised to answer questions and share a virtual glass of wine in a Zoom call to the highest bidder in a nearly 50-lot auction for Camp Rainbow Gold.

We love you Keanu Reeves!