The Shaukeens is nothing less than SHOCKING

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New Delhi : Akshay Kumar’s latest offering The Shaukeens came as a surprise and made us think why did Akki actually thought to make this movie. Here is our 10-point review for the film.

1: The film was drastically losing its track from being entertaining.

2: Strictly no script! Just a drama which totally failed!

3: Meherbani song makes you feel refreshed then the whole movie pushes you to boredom

4: Even Akshay’s acting was giving less impressive impressions. This time Akki failed to bring humour in his acting.

5: Even the set location – Mauritius – wasn’t used properly. Only one or max two beaches that too on a depressing note.

6: Over acted and dumb character of Lisa killed all the grace the old-gentlemen were trying to create.

7: Akshay’s one and only helicopter stunt and Lisa Haydos’s Manali Trance saved some worth of the money spent on ticket.

8: Recently, Akshay said he doesn’t look for 100-crore club. Now, we know what he meant by that.

9: As a producer, Akshay needs to work more hard. 

10: After tolerating the movie, we can only give it a half star that too for Meherbani song, Akshay’s daring stunt and Lisa’s Manali trance.

Watch Trailer Here: