Fans are in awe of Artist Rubeena Siddiqui’s good looks and entertaining talent

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Fans are in awe of Artist Rubeena Siddiqui’s good looks and entertaining talent
Fans are in awe of Artist Rubeena Siddiqui’s good looks and entertaining talent

New Delhi : The advent and growth of social media have made it possible for talent to be recognized. Social media has offered a platform to all talented individuals who cannot make it to audition queues or come from humble backgrounds. However, exposure needs to be complemented with skills and consistency. These attributes set apart those that make it to the top league from the overflowing pool of aspiring artists. One such talent who has made it to the top league is Artist Rubeena Siddiqui who comes from a village but has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

Growing up, Rubeena saw a lot of sexism and patriarchy encumbering her growth. Her dreams would always be shut off with words emphasizing that she is a girl and nurturing a family is her primary objective. Most of her childhood friends also got married early and quit their dreams and career. However, Rubeena never gave up on acting and singing. Her skills were appreciated in family gatherings and school events and she wanted to make sure that the applause doesn’t stop. However, negative comments and demotivating taunts from relatives made it tough.

Social media came as a boon to Rubeena and she started showcasing her skills. She has been posting for barely 9 months now and has already garnered 460k followers on Instagram and 1.4 million on MX-Takatak. Rubeena’s journey is inspirational for those little girls who are demotivated from pursuing their dreams. She has crossed multiple hurdles to reach here, but she is proud that she persisted.

Rubeena is grateful to her husband, Faizal Siddiqui, for supporting her through the ups and downs of her journey. From technical help to emotional support, Faizal gave it all. Rubeena is also glad that God was kind enough to open avenues for her.

Rubeena made her Instagram debut on 1st January 2021, with a veiled pic. Later, she showed her face and people were bewitched. She has crossed 4 lakh followers now and most of her videos are viral. Her first video had also received over 1 million views. She also created a stir on YouTube with her song “Kamaal Kare tu”. The video crossed 1 million views and viewers praised her performance.

Apart from singing, acting and modeling, Rubeena is also passionate about content creation. Her fans love the beauty, makeup, and comic videos that she posts.

Rubeena is widely applauded as a versatile artist. She doesn’t want to stick to one genre but prove her mettle in different dimensions. Her content is proof that she can do it all.

We wish to see more of Rubeena’s talent and hope that she scales greater heights in the future.

Her Instagram profile can be found on the following link: