Jannat as a growing Punjabi singer and music artist, shows her A-game in her craft

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Jannat as a growing Punjabi singer and music artist, shows her A-game in her craft
Jannat as a growing Punjabi singer and music artist, shows her A-game in her craft

New Delhi : She is signed to Shine Production, a prominent record label known for giving a platform to many talented musical artists.

The closer we look around different industries, the more we see how the entertainment and music fields make sure to give platforms to those who truly deserve to put forth their art in front of the audience. Though these industries are known for their extreme saturation and competition, people cannot deny the tremendous opportunities it gives them and welcome them all to showcase their talents to the world. However, Jannat, aka Jannatpreet Kaur, a young and tenacious singer and lyricist, says that nothing in this industry can ever be achieved without the powerful combination of hard work, zealousness and perseverance. She believes that her success in the Punjabi music industry is because of all these virtues she worked upon over the years.

Jannat is glad she stepped foot into the music world, for she went with what her heart sought and also had a strong self-belief that she could too create an incredible success story for herself. She also highlights that her success wouldn't have been possible without the love of her audiences, who accepted her and her talents with open arms and credits a major part of her success to also the artists and production houses she has worked with so far, including Shine Production, a rising record label, owned by producer Iqbal Sandhu.

Her vocals, sound, and the entire vibe she creates with each of her tracks prove how Jannat has been working relentlessly to make it huge in the industry, already overflowing with many other established artists. Jannat as a singer, lyricist and musical artist, is signed by Shine Production by Iqbal Sandhu. On her association with the record label, she says, "I couldn't thank my stars enough for letting me associate with a production and record label as great as Shine Production, which is known to give amazing platforms to young and promising talents. Also, Iqbal Sandhu and his team are very easy to work with; they also give freedom to artists for them to be and open more doors of opportunities to create in music, which I absolutely love about them."

Jannat right now is looking forward to her latest track titled "Thoda Thoda Hassi", to be released on 22nd October 2021, produced by Iqbal Sandhu and his record label Shine Production. Find out more about her through Instagram @im_jannat19