I attempt to redefine devotional music: Kailash Kher

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Kailash Kher has come up with his new independent album Shivoham
Kailash Kher has come up with his new independent album Shivoham

Mumbai : Youngsters have a set perception about devotional music, says singer Kailash Kher, who has come up with his new independent album "Shivoham" and hopes to redefine the genre.

Kher is known for his Sufi singing style and for delivering tracks like "Bam Lahari", "Teri Deewani" and "Allah ke Bande".

Asked about what made him explore devotional music on his new album, he told IANS: "I think the moment you say 'devotional music', youngsters think of an old aunty sitting and doing her evening 'puja-paath' playing that music. But devotional music is more than that."

"It gives you a high, a spiritual connection with the Almighty if presented in a correct manner. Many youngsters liked 'Bam Lahari' and when they dance on the song, they got into a trance while listening to it. So, through 'Shivoham', I attempt to redefine devotional music."

Kher said he wanted to celebrate the idea of unity through his new work.

"I believe that God is one, so are our prayers and we all human beings are one. I also believe that the prayers and good deeds should have a sense of honesty. If you are hungry, instead of doing 'puja', do your 'pet puja (feed yourself')... You know what I mean? If an old man is hungry, give him bread instead of advising to pray to God, because He lives in us, His energy lives through us."

Kher is planning to come up with one album every year on devotional music.

"Kailasa Records will come up with a new album every year and it will explore the different perspective of the oneness of Almighty. But trust me, it's not boring. It will touch the chord with youngsters."

His album "Shivoham" has released on the digital platform Hungama Music and he also shared the sneak-peek of the album with a live performance on Hungama Spotlight. Kher believes the digital platform is a blessing for independent artists, considering the fact that they are facing "unfair competition with film music".

"I wish all the best to a platform like Hungama that is encouraging many young artists for their music that thousands of people are listening to through their apps and other digital platforms. These days, the problem is not about who is more talented, but who has more money.

"The competition is not between two talents anymore. Whether it is a film song or independent one, if you have money to pay, you can play the song on TV, radio and reach out to thousands of people. So, it does not matter if the song is good or bad, it will reach to people."

The album "Shivoham" also features artists like Amitabh Bachchan, Shreya Ghoshal, Suresh Wadkar and Shankar Mahadevan, along with Kher.