Karishma Shetty's debut music video 'Raata Nu' remixed by DJ Yogii enthralls music lovers with its beats

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Raata Nu music video
Raata Nu music video

New Delhi : The song has received much appreciation from all quarters and is garnering views in huge numbers on YouTube.

No matter what, since time unknown music has hit the right chord with its catchy rhythms and melodies and has mesmerized all with its tunes. In the past years, many talented music artists, especially youngsters have been creating ripples with their deep knowledge in the field of music. Many have made their successful careers in the music industry as popular music artists. Talking about new talents, the music industry has welcomed hordes of artists who are perfect to the 'T' in their craft and it has also opened up an ocean of opportunities for youngsters in today’s time. Be it a singer, musician or DJ,  every profession has seen an tremendous upsurge since the past few years. Out of the many popular sides of music comes remixes which is most liked by the millennials. This form of music is an upgraded version of the original and enjoys twice as much popularity owing to its foot tapping beats which are introduced to add that extra flavour into it, making it all the more interesting for the listeners and remix enthusiasts.

Of late one such remix has hit the music scene which has swept music lovers off their feet, it is the debut album of singer Karishma Shetty which goes by the name 'Raata Nu' remixed by DJ Yogii which has been produced by Mr. Raaj Suri & Mr. Amandeep Singh. The music video has generated enough buzz of late and has been garnering a number of views on YouTube with each passing day. Directed by MG Mehul Gadani, the song features Karishma Shetty, Abhishek Avasthi & Eshaa Shetty in its music video. The song has come up beautifully and is a treat to watch and listen as its music is mesmerising to its core. When asked about how does she feel after the overwhelming response of her debut album, Karishma said, "I strongly believe that dreams do come true if you work hard towards them and stay focussed. The feeling of the tremendous response that I have received for my debut music can’t be summed up in words, and all I have is gratitude towards each and every person who has guided me throughout my journey and extended their support to make my dreams come true."

Karishma's potential is yet to be explored and with time she will definitely emerge as a top singing sensation, stay tuned for more on her soon! 

Watch song below: