Singer-Musician Sahil Chika talks about his career in music industry as an independent artist

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Singer-Musician Sahil Chika
Singer-Musician Sahil Chika

New Delhi : Independent artists know very well how to win people's hearts with their unique talent and abilities. Today, social media has helped many artists to show the world what they are good at and become successful. Gone are the days where one would need a helping hand to survive in any particular industry. Sahil Chika aka Sahil Garg, a talented and young musician, singer, model and producer, is an apt example of the same.

Sahil Chika has built a reputation for himself as a successful singer and musician. He worked hard to create a niche for himself in the music industry. From childhood, Sahil was passionate about music and always aspired to become an artist. He kept practising, improving his vocal skills and confidence so that one day, he could win hearts with his music. Well, that is exactly what happened.

So far, singer-musician Sahil Chika has worked on some hit songs like Love Song, Forget Me, Under Rated, Next Step and a few more. He has collaborated with skilled artists from the music industry who also share a similar journey like him. But the success didn't come easily to him. There have been days when Sahil used to feel low and faced setbacks. But he didn't let anything affect him and his goals.

Now, Sahil Chika is an internet sensation, thanks to his singing and modelling skills. On social media, fans admire his fashion sense and the way he carries himself with confidence. About his journey, the artist shares, "I am content with the way my career is going. The challenges of being in a vast and competitive music industry are always high. But I had prepared myself for it and only focused on my dreams. I hope I keep doing such good work and fans keep appreciating my music always."

Sahil has some amazing songs coming up in the next few days. He will announce the release date on his social media soon.