"Sonu Nigam is my God-man...": Guneet Jolly

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"Sonu Nigam is my God-man...": Guneet Jolly
"Sonu Nigam is my God-man...": Guneet Jolly

New Delhi : Guneet Jolly, one of the hottest upcoming singer-songwriters from Pune, shares the stage with the absolute legend, Sonu Nigam! To serenade the people of Pune with his mellifluous tunes on a fine winters evening, and alongside one of his idols, is indeed a dream come true! Guneet Jolly has been taking the music scape by storm. He has worked with several eminent personalities from Bollywood, and been an integral part of many concerts and projects. He comes with a wealth of experience in a plethora of musical styles, and on the grand stage he delivers his best, always!

Guneet brings with him his cheerful style of music, and his deep knowledge and training in classical Indian music adds a unique flavour to his vocal acrobatics. Well rooted to his culture, he serenades with soulful sounds and lyrics. “I always aspire to punch above my weight”, he says. That is what makes him the man he is today. A prodigiously talented musician in his own right, he has nothing but the greatest love and admiration for the Legendary Sonu Nigam!

“It is an honour for me, really!” he says. He is after all an ardent disciple of Ustaad Sukhwant Singh, learning the musical art of Gurmat Sangeet, and has a profound admiration for the Gurukul culture. The gurukul system has shaped his admiration of Sonu Nigam, and with that, Guneet Jolly comes to live the dream of performing live with the Legend himself!

“Even since childhood, I have always idolized Mohammad Rafi ji and Sonu Nigam sir. I only used to sing their songs, and their music inspired me even to pursue this path and train for it!” But how does this chance to perform live with the man he considers his idol affect him? “Yes, I am under pressure to give my 110 percent, because Sonu Nigam is my God-man. I worship him, he is my inspiration. I cannot give anything less than my absolute best! But with the blessings of Waheguru I know I will achieve all I have set out to do.”

Guneet has trained in the musical arts since childhood. Indeed, so great was his admiration for Sonu Nigam and Mohammad Rafi, he even adapted their vocal styles and voice culture! “Everyone who heard me sing during my school and college times would all say I sounded just like them! They are my gurus, they are my inspiration. The value of a guru cannot be stated in words, but we all can understand how much we love our guru!”

It is this passion for his craft and his love for his guru that makes this event particularly special for him. The pressure is on, Guneet Jolly, but we know he always delivers!